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State Track
May 16, 2024

Social Media: Good or Bad?


As you probably know Social Media has been a big debate worldwide. There are many pros and cons to social media. Social media’s pros are that it provides entertainment, finds more friends, and brings everyone together into one online space. Some cons to social media are it promotes cyberbullying, it encourages the spread of misinformation, and many people get too addicted to social media. Some examples of social media are TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), and many more.

Mrs. Rocke- Yes and no, Yes because you can advertise things for your business, and no because people are on it way too much posting ridiculous things. You should be 18 to get social media.

Mrs Burnham- Yes because it keeps people connected. You should be 13 when you get social media.

Mrs. Weaver- Yes and No. No, because it sets up unrealistic expectations for what you should have in life. Yes, because you get to keep up with old friends that you haven’t seen in a while. You should get it when you are 16.

Mrs. Bellini- Yes and no. Yes because it can have a lot of positive influences and you can learn things. No, because it is an open forum for anybody to post anything. You should get it when you are 15.

Mrs. Hobbs- Yes and no. Yes, because it shows you new perspectives. No, because of the bullying and bad pictures. You should get in when you are 16.

Mrs. Gerber– Yes and No. Yes, because you can gain information and connect with people. No, because it can cause jealousy and a fear of missing out. You should get it when you are 15.

Eldon- No, (made talking motions with his hands). You should get it when you are 14 years old.

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