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State Track
State Track
May 16, 2024

8th Grade Hornet Spotlight – Simeon Sliger


Today I decided to interview my partner here at the Nest, Simeon Sliger. I asked him some questions to learn more about him. When I asked about his favorite sport, he said it was soccer because he has been playing it for a long time, and many of his friends also play. The next question I asked was whether he would rather have no arms or no legs, and he said no arms because then he could still play soccer. Another question I asked was about his favorite color, and he said red simply because he likes it. After that, I inquired about his favorite event in track, and he said the 4×2 relay because it’s not as challenging as some longer races but not as short as others. When I asked about his favorite animal, he chose a dog, arguing that they are better than cats—a very controversial statement indeed. Then, I asked about his favorite memory of the year, and he said it was the first day of track practice. I also asked about his desired future job, and he mentioned something in construction or woodworking because he enjoys moving around and working with his hands. Additionally, I inquired about his favorite college, and he mentioned Bradley because he is a Bradley Basketball fan. When I asked what he was most excited for in high school, he said soccer, as he looks forward to meeting other guys and seeing who tries out for the team, in addition to playing himself, of course. Regarding his favorite food, he said gyros because his mom has been making them for as long as he can remember, and he really likes them. Finally, I asked him who his favorite teacher was, and he said Mr. Troutt, simply stating, ‘He is just better.’

That concludes our article on my partner at the Nest, Simeon Sliger. I hope you enjoyed it.

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