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May 16, 2024

What Animal Would Judge Us the Most?

What Animal Would Judge Us the Most?

There are so many animals that we use to our advantage every day. Like the dog, we use them for comfort, and some use them because they are blind or need special services. Or there are other animals like the fish or deer. We hunt and fish for these animals every day for fun, and most times we end up eating them. So out of all the animals in the world, which one would judge us the most?

In my opinion, I think it would be animals like roly-poly or other insects that we kill for no reason. They are no threat to us, they leave us alone, but we have the audacity to stomp their guts out because… well, I don’t really know why.

I asked 10 other people what animal they think would judge us the most. Some of the answers I got were surprising, and there was a lot of diversity. There were answers anywhere from cows to sharks. And even a platypus?

  • Savannah Henderson – Elephant
  • Cayden Fogo – Platypus (I don’t think he understood the question)
  • Landon Kalmer – Gorilla
  • Jillene Stoller – Shark
  • Evan Schmidler – Turtles
  • Mr. Troutt – Cats, they always look at you like… shouldn’t you be doing something for me?
  • Hank Wettstein – Monkeys
  • Liam Wyse – Fisher-Cats, because he agrees with Mr. Troutt
  • Rex Denham – Cats, because they already do
  • Moses Dohner – Cows, because we steal their milk

The most common answer was the cat. And most people can see why. They are sassy, mean, and stupid. So I understand that answer, but there were other answers like the gorilla that I don’t understand. Besides putting them in zoos, what else do we do? Most people never stop to think about what we do to these animals every day. Like stomping on insects and killing them for no reason. Could you imagine just killing a human because they look funny? Or taking milk and eggs and other farm products. That would be like stealing an Oscar award from an actor. So what do you think, what animal would judge us the most?

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