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Where Would You Go?
Where Would You Go?
Apr 12, 2024

Would You Rather Have a Personal Maid Or a Personal Chef

Would You Rather Have a Personal Maid Or a Personal Chef

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Would You Rather Have A Personal Maid Or Chef?


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There are a lot of cool things a Chef and a Maid can do. A Maid can clean, do your laundry, and take you places, while a Chef can cook you delicious meals!

  • Everett Axelson: “Maid so I can make them cook for me; they can also do my laundry. And to get me Chick-fil-A.”
  • Bella Burnham: “Maid so I can make them cook for me and make them do what I don’t want to do.”
  • Analise Huburt: “Chef because I like food.”
  • Ana Sears: “Chef because I suck at cooking.”
  • Elsie Holt: “Maid because I love cooking and I hate doing chores.”
  • Miles Brown: “Maid because I don’t want to clean.”
  • Max Beard: “Chef because food is good.”
  • Daylen Devall: “Chef because they can still have a full-time job and they can come 3 times a day.”
  • Charlee Plaisted: “Chef because I love sushi.”




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