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May 16, 2024

Teacher’s Favorite Dad Jokes!

Teachers Favorite Dad Jokes!

We asked every teacher what their best dad joke was, and these were the top two from each grade:

5th Grade

  • Mrs. Rocke:
    Question: “What did one Dorito farmer say to the other?”
    Answer: “Cool ranch!”
  • Mrs. Wherley:
    A turtle walks into school with a lady on his back. Mr. Nichols says, “What’s on your back?” and the turtle replies, “That’s Michelle (My Shell).”

6th Grade

  • Mr. Ferguson:
    Question: “Why do cannibals not eat clowns?”
    Answer: “Because they taste funny!”
  • Mr. Bayer:
    “Poop jokes aren’t my favorite kind of joke, but they’re a solid #2.”

7th Grade

  • Mrs. Worner:
    “Two pretzels were walking down an alley. One was assaulted! (A salted…)”
  • Mr. Bellini:
    Question: “How do you make a tissue dance?”
    Answer: “You put a little boogie in it!”

8th Grade

  • Mr. Troutt:
    Question: “Did you hear about the cow who jumped over the barbed wire fence?”
    Answer: “It was utter destruction. (Pause) I have been milking that joke for years.”
  • Mr. Schaidle:
    Question: “How did the pirate get to work?”
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