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Liam Wyse-Fisher
Nov 21, 2023
Peyton Henderson
Peyton Henderson
Nov 21, 2023

Braker’s Fundraiser



A few weeks ago, we concluded the Braker’s fundraiser. Students brought in money to buy a meal from Braker’s Market for a veteran. We interviewed some staff members at our school to gather their thoughts on the fundraiser and how they think it went.

The first person we interviewed was Mr. Troutt. Our initial question for him was, “What do you remember most about being in the military?” He took a moment to think and then answered, “Um, traveling to all kinds of places, meeting lots of great people, and working long hours.”

Next, we asked, “What do you think about the fundraiser and how do you think it went?” Mr. Troutt responded by saying, “I think it was a great idea to provide meals for the veterans, and the amount of money raised was impressive.” Our third question for him was, “Did you get a lunch for yourself at Braker’s Market?” He answered, “I have not yet, but I plan to get one for my wife and me.” Then, we asked, “What was your favorite thing about the fundraiser?” Mr. Troutt then responded, “It was great to see people honoring veterans.” Finally, our last question for him was, “How do you think the veterans felt about the fundraiser?” After thinking for a while, he responded by saying, “I hope they’re grateful and thankful.”

Next, we interviewed the second veteran in our building, Mr. Wyland. We asked him the same set of questions, so the following answers correspond with the previously mentioned questions in the same order. His first response was, “Basic training. I remember how fun and scary it was when I first joined the military.” Next, he said, “I thought the fundraiser went well. We were able to feed lots of veterans.” Then, he replied, “No, but I am planning on it.” His fourth response was, “It feels good to be remembered.” Lastly, he replied, “I liked that they used everyone’s old smelly boots to collect the money!”

Then, we interviewed Mr. Nichols about the fundraiser. Our first question was, “What do you think about the fundraiser and how did it go?” He quickly responded by saying, “It exceeded our expectations; the generosity was amazing.” Our next question was, “How much money did we raise for the veterans and how many meals did it buy?” After a brief moment of thought, he answered, “We raised over $2,000 and were able to allow the veterans to bring a guest!” The third question we asked him was, “What was your favorite thing about the Braker’s fundraiser?” He quickly replied, “People’s willingness to remember what veterans did for us.” Then, we asked, “Do you think we will ever do the fundraiser again in the future?” He quickly answered, “I think so. It may not be the exact same, but I’m sure we will do something for the veterans.” Our final question for Mr. Nichols was, “How do you think the veterans felt about the fundraiser?” He pondered the question for a bit but said, “We received a lot of positive feedback, and it was very encouraging. I hope it made them feel special and honored.”

This concludes our article about the Braker’s Fundraiser. As you can see, our school did an amazing job raising money to help the veterans! If you see one of the veterans who work at our school, try to thank them the next time you see them!

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