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State Track
State Track
May 16, 2024

Martial Arts


There are many forms of martial arts, from stuff for fun, for competition, or for military use. Multiple people in the school do different kinds of martial arts. I will try my best to give the most unbiased opinion on each one, but everyone has their biases.

Karate – Karate is generally one of the most well known and basic. It is decently effective, and a decent work out. Decently effective in actual combat, but not the best. Japanese.


Taekwondo – Slightly less effective than Karate, a generally better work out, because kicks are some of the harder things in martial arts, but pretty ineffective in combat because of its sparring. Korean.


Judo/Jujitsu – The best at subduing opponents, best on the ground. In combat, Jujitsu beats wrestling on the ground, but is beaten by it while standing. Generally effective, and teaches locks, pins, throws and chokes. Japanese/Brazilian.


Krav Maga – Made by the Israeli Defense Force for its soldiers. It was made by taking the best of all martial arts, and combining them, including Wrestling, Karate, Brazilian Jujitsu, Akido and Boxing. Israeli.


Wrestling – Everyone knows what wrestling is, here it is a well known school sport and it is mostly throws and locks. All over the place.


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