6th Grade Rockets !


Carter Rittenhouse

6th grade just finished the rocket launch. The rocket launch is where 6th graders make homemade rockets out of different materials, but it has to have a 2 liter bottle for the body. When they’re done making the rockets, they launch them out on the baseball field and see how high they went. After all of that they do an essay on their rocket’s performance, other rockets’ performances, and how physics has to do with their results. 

This year there’s been a change. For extra credit you could put an egg in your rocket. It had to go above 50 feet in the air for the student to get the extra points. This extended the student’s knowledge on physics. Out of 45 rockets with eggs only 3 made it. 

The highest rocket went 166 feet in the air at 269mph and it was made by Remielle Ott! 


Most people like this project because it’s fun to build rockets and launch them!