Staff Spotlight- Mrs. Shipley


Dakota Shipley

Staff Spotlight- Mrs. Shipley


Q&A Portion

Q – What is Your Favorite School Meal to Make?

A – Tacos and Hamburgers because the Kids Love This Particular Meal


Q – What is the Worst School Meal to Make?

A – Chicken Nuggets. Because of all the Extra Work


Q – What Do You like To-Do in Your Free-Time?

A – Crochet


Q – What Made You Want to Become a D140 Staff Member?

A – All of the Kids. She loves the kids


Q – What Job Would You Have Done if You Would Not Have Been A School Lunch Lady?

A – A Daycare Teacher


Q – What do You Want to Do in the Future that You Can’t Afford Right Now?

A – A Sports Car


Q – What is One of the Highs and One of the Lows of Being a Lunch Lady

A – Highs: All the Kids that Say “Hi” to her in the Morning, and Amazing Co-Workers

Lows: Waking Up Early