Dirt Bike Riding Adrenaline


Aiyana Lampert

There are lots of sports, but did you know that dirt bike riding is a sport as well? A lot of kids at EMS like dirt bike riding, along with my brother Dakota Lampert in 8th grade. He rides dirt bikes almost daily on grass trails around our farm. He’s ridden over 100 miles with his 2020 Kawasaki 140rl, and would like to do car racing or Motocross when he’s older. He’s been to a dirt bike track a couple of times, but would like to go more often. We have around 100 acres on our farm for him to ride on, so I think he’ll be fine for the time being. Did you know that dirt bikes and the sport Motocross originated from the UK? If you don’t know what Motocross or “MX” is, it is a dirt-bike sport in which riders race and compete on off road courses like gravel, mud, or grass. There is also Freestyle Motocross or “FMX” in which the riders try to impress the judges with different tricks and jumps. I interviewed my brother and asked him a couple questions about dirt bike riding, and here is what he said:

How does dirt bike riding make you feel? “Pumped with adrenaline, and excited.”

What is your favorite thing about riding your dirt bike?  “My favorite thing is to go over jumps and go fast around corners.”

Some sports make people feel alive, is that how dirt bike riding makes you feel? “Yes definitely” 

Dirt bike riding is fun and is pretty easy to learn how to do with practice, if you want to try it, here are some places you can rent/ride a dirt bike: