Books vs Movies

Books vs Movies

Carter Rittenhouse

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What do you like better?


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Personally I like movies better because you can visualize the scene better. I also like movies more than books because I can see the action in right front of me. When you’re reading a book it sucks when you lose your spot and you have to restart the whole page. With a movie you can’t really lose your spot. Also if you can’t really imagine what a character looks like, but in the movie it just shows you. These are reasons why I like movies better than books. 

-Carter Rittenhouse 


Bri- Personally I like books better than movies. When movies are also books, movies aren’t as descriptive. I always use my imagination while reading. Even though while watching movies you can see the images, you can’t get creative while watching. Movies are always limited to how long it is. Books can be limited but can have more to the series.Since movies can be limited they can’t show a lot of what’s going on then in books.