Touchdown, Eureka!


Parks Leman

The train horns blast as another touchdown is scored! They are going for the field goal and… Score! The final points have been scored, Eureka is victorious again! But we’re not talking about the high school… we are talking about the Eureka JFL (Junior Football League).  


For the first game of the season,  Eureka dominated Fieldcrest 33-0 with several long-distance runs. Eureka’s offense moved too fast for Fieldcrest’s defense! Since then, they lost to the Mustangs, but are hopeful for the next game this Saturday (September 10th).


This year in Eureka JFL people in Varsity got new jerseys and pants. The new jerseys look much cooler and they are double-sided so at away games they wear the black jerseys & and the green side at home games.  The new pants have an ‘E’ on them instead of the regular hornet. 


Their practice hours are usually 6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. and they start with warm-ups then they run over the plays then end with scrimmages. They usually end the practice after their “Move the Mountain Chant.” At some practices after games, they watch game films to improve from their last game.


The Eureka JFL is off to a great start and we’re excited to see where this season goes.