Top Gun’s Flying In

Top Guns Flying In

Emma Miller



The new Top Gun: Maverick movie was released on May 27. It is out in the theaters so far. It is a sequel from the original 1986 Top Gun film. 


If I was rating it I would give it a nine out of ten stars. I would rate it that because at times it was getting a little bit confusing and hard to follow. I also like it a lot because it is an action filled movie with lots of drama. 


When I asked Brody Littlejohn what would you rate the movie 1-10 he said he would rate it a 52 and then when I asked Mrs. Wherley she said a 9. 


Let me give you a little bit of background information. Maverick is the main character and he got chosen to teach a group of students for an important mission. There are a lot of ups and downs in this movie. Or as Brody said, “First maverick teaches the pilots, gets mad, shows off, teaches the pilots, shows off more, movie ends.”


You should watch Top Gun because it is such a suspenseful and exciting movie. Brody said that the most suspenseful part was when Maverick was showing off and he turned off the engines, went into a nosedive and then turned the engines back on at the last minute. That sounds like an exciting movie.


Brody also said that they should not make another Top Gun because it is such a good movie they should just leave it at that. 


Mrs. Wherly said that this movie is about respect, responsibility, perseverance, collaboration, and self-advocacy.” So this might be a good learning experience if you watch it. 

Both of the people I interviewed said that, before you watch this movie you will need to watch the first Top Gun movie. 


Go find your local theater and go watch both Tops Gun movies.