Yay or Nay- Pineapple Pizza


Pineapple on pizza. You either hate it, or love it. I, personally, love pineapple on pizza. Here’s why:


 When you add pineapple to pizza, you get the whole package. Grain (crust), veggie (tomato sauce… also, I know, tomatoes are technically fruits, but tomato sauces include a variety of other vegetables as well ), dairy (cheese), meat (ham, if you have the traditional Hawaiian pizza), and of course, your fruit, pineapple. 


Pineapple on pizza is like popcorn and M&M’s, maple bacon, salted caramel, or some other sweet and salty snack. People are so accustomed to pizza only being savory, and that is one of the reasons lots of people don’t want to try it. But trust me when I say, it’s amazing. If you haven’t tried it before, then I totally recommend trying it. And if you have tried it, and didn’t like it, I recommend you try it again. Another reason people don’t want to try it or don’t like it is that some people think that warm pineapple is weird. But grilled pineapple is a thing, and it’s a thing for a reason, same as pineapple on pizza. 


Anyways, pineapple on pizza is great, and you should totally try it. Don’t let the “pizza has to be savory” myth stop you from giving it a shot!


-Lydia Martin, 8th Grade


Pineapple on pizza is a really bad combo. The flavors just don’t mix. The pizza has a really nice flavor but the pineapple is really strong and it is also really sweet. I just don’t think that the sweetness and the strongness of the pineapple mix on top of pizza. I think that the best kind of pizza is cheese pizza. It still has that really nice pizza flavor but it is also really simple. Also if you think about it, fruit on top of dough, marinara sauce, and cheese just does not sound very appetizing. I hope you take my advice and never order pineapple on pizza again.

-Emma Miller, 7th Grade

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