Mr. Roth- Moving on Up!


Hudsyn Schertz

One big change at our school this year is our new assistant principal. Mrs. Wondercheck (our old assistant principal) got a job at Goodfield as the head principal. Mr. Roth was hired to take her place. He used to teach 7th grade but said it was time for a new challenge because he had been teaching since 2006. 


Mr. Nichols, our principal, said that he’s “extremely excited to work with him because he’s a very hard worker and gets along with people.”  


To get more information about Mr. Roth, I went straight to the source and talked to him myself. I asked him what his hobbies were and he started laughing and said “will you make fun of me for it?’ Turns out Mr. Roth likes to garden and watch good old Illinois basketball on the TV.


Mr. Roth said that the best part about becoming assistant principal is that before he only got to work with a a single grade but now he gets to work with all the kids in all grades. He also says the most challenging thing is that he’s is no longer able to get up in front of a class and teach.


Yep! You guessed it- Mr. Roth’s favorite subject when he was in school was math. When I asked him if he would go back to teaching 7th grade math he said “No Its time for something new”. 


I interviewed kids who had him last year and they said that they loved Mr. Roth and he was a very fun teacher, but he liked to get the job done and was a good educator. Kenedy said that it is kinda weird to see him as an assistant principal but he talked about it a lot last year. Brody littlejon said “Be careful what you say around Mr. Roth.” 


We are very excited to have Mr. Roth as our assistant principal.