Baseball-Hit or Miss?


Chloe Williams

This year’s baseball, good or bad? These wise words from the interviewees will describe if EMS baseball’s team is hit or miss.


One of the reasons their team is going so well is they inspire each other to keep playing. “Kids get down on themselves after they make a mistake, so you just have to tell them to keep their head up and keep going because everyone makes mistakes and you can learn from them,” says Landon Wurmnest, an 8th grader from the EMS baseball team. If they keep this positive attitude up they will surely make it through their baseball season and even possibly enter state.


Their coaches both Coach Wear, and Coach Miller have been with the Eureka Hornet baseball team for awhile. Coach Wear has enjoyed playing baseball even since he was a little kid. One of the reasons he wanted to coach baseball is because he thought it was a good way of giving back to all his past coaches. He says, “I’ve always liked playing baseball as a kid and found it a good way to give back to my previous coaches that taught me.” 


Everyone seems very excited about this baseball season. So far, Zeke Zobrist, an eighth grade baseball player, said that his favorite part so far has been “Slip and slide.” Who knew there was a slip and slide in baseball? Zeke also says the team he is looking forward to playing is Washington Central. Just like the rest of them interviewees said except Coach Wear. He said, “I’m looking forward to playing field crest because me and the field crest coach have been friends for awhile. We always like to follow each other’s ideas.” 


Overall, the baseball team is on a great start. If you want to see any of their schedules you can check on their website linked below.