Keianna McKnight- 8th


Deliah Porter

Keianna Mcknight-8th


Q- How did you feel when you got on all American?

A- She was surprised she got on, mainly because most middle schoolers don’t get on all American.


Q- What do you like/love about dance?

A- She likes/loves dance because she gets to express herself and feels like she can get away from school. Also, her teammates and coaches are all great friends.


Q- What do you like/love about softball?

A- Her teammates are all mostly good friends. It takes up her free. It also helps push her to be the best she can.


Q-How long have you been dancing?

A-She’s been in studio dancing for 7 years and 2 years on the school dance team.


Q-Did you think 10 years ago you would be on all American?

A-She did not think so


Q-How is the softball season going?

A-She said it was not going to good right now but they’re all having fun


Q-What is your favorite part of dance?

A-Having good connections with everyone, and makes her calmer.


Q-What is your favorite thing about softball?

A-Being able to grow every year


Q-What do you want to do, but never have been able to do? Why do you want to do that and why can’t you?


Quote from Keianna- “ I want to actually participate in the all- American team but i cant because school, i would have to miss a lot of classes. Its a big opportunity for me and it would to travel and perform around the world”