Maddox McClallen- 6th


Carter Rittenhouse

Maddox McClallen-6th

Q- Who is in your family?

A- I have a brother named Noah, Sister named Hadly, my dad’s name is James, and my mom’s name is Nichole.


Q- What do you do outside of School?

A- I play Football and Basketball


Q- How old are you?

A- 11


Q- Who’s Your favorite 6th Grade teacher?

A- Mr. Bayer


Q- What’s your favorite Subject?

A- Science


Q- What’s your favorite school Lunch?

A- Thanksgiving


Q- What’s your favorite Restaurant?

A-  Red Lobster


Q- What are you most excited for this year?

A- The Medieval times field trip


Q- What do you want to do, but have never been able to 

Quote from Maddox- “that’s hard… Probably go to it’s like an island, it’s bora bora and why i havent is because its like u have to take 3 flights and 2 boats to get there and Cause it would be cool to live on an island”