New Teachers at EMS


Lydia Martin

New Teachers at EMS!


This year EMS has several new teachers. Seventh grade welcomed two new teachers: an ELA teacher, Mrs. Weaver, and a math/pre-algebra teacher, Mr. Heider. Fifth grade has a new ELA teacher, Mrs. Runyon, and we also have a new P.E. teacher, Mr. Bane. 


Before coming to EMS, Mrs. Weaver taught elementary school students in Virginia. Part of the reason she decided to come to EMS to teach ELA was that she loves literature, and she has always loved reading. Mrs. Weaver said, “I also didn’t feel like I got to read some of the books with the younger kids that I wanted to.” The other reason she decided to come to teach here in Illinois was so that she could be back with her family.


 She is excited to work with the seventh graders because “they are becoming their own person, and reading is a big part of that.” While Mrs. Weaver is very excited about teaching middle school students, she is a bit nervous about all of the grading, as she’ll have a lot more copies of work to grade than elementary school students. 


In just the first couple weeks of school, her favorite thing that she has taught so far is writing workshops. Mrs. Weaver said, “I love writing workshops because the seventh graders write really deep and creative stories that are fun to read.”


 In the future, Mrs. Weaver is excited about book clubs, because they have a lot of great books picked out, including a section with dystopian books, her favorite genre. 


Some of Mrs. Weaver’s hobbies include being outside, walking, running, watching Netflix, playing the piano, and in the summer, water skiing. 


When Mr. Heider was asked why he decided to come to EMS as a math/pre-algebra teacher, he responded “Because I like math and I’m good at it and I like helping others.” 


He is excited to go on the field trip that seventh grade is going on soon to Timberidge. 


Something he is a bit hesitant about is teaching his son and his friends.


 Mr. Heider’s favorite thing he has taught so far has been integers. Mr. Heider said, “In the future I am excited to teach about probability because I use the TV show ‘Survivor’ to teach it, and it’s something real life for the students.” 


 Mr. Heider enjoys fishing and sports. 


Mrs. Runyon, the new fifth grade ELA teacher, has lived in both Morton and Chicago IL. before coming to Eureka where she went to the EMS and EHS herself. She chose to teach here at EMS after teaching at a summer camp. Mrs. Runyon said, “It brightened my day to be around the kids at camp and it was so rewarding to watch them reach their goals. I have found that I learn more from them than they learn from me at times. After this experience, I knew I needed to switch majors and become a teacher.” 


She is excited to go to Shedd Aquarium with the fifth graders because she thinks that it will be a fun experience. While Mrs. Runyon is very excited to teach the fifth graders, she also says, “I am nervous about keeping up with all of the “little things” in teaching.  All of the individual needs and requirements teachers have to meet can be overwhelming in the first year. However, it is very rewarding too.” 


 Her favorite day so far in just the first couple of weeks of school was the second day of school since the fifth grade got to do some fun Icebreaker activities. In the future, she is looking forward to teaching the fifth graders about Poetry because that was always her favorite part of Language Arts and she is excited to teach it.


 Some of Mrs. Runyon’s hobbies include running, reading, taking her corgi, Basil, on walks, and spending time with her family and friends.


Mr. Bane, the new P.E. teacher, is from Dana, IL. located in the Fieldcrest school district. Mr. Bane said, “I chose to work at EMS because it is such a wonderful school district.  My family and I live here in Eureka and love the community!” 


He is excited to get to know all of his students. Mr. Bane is very excited to teach here, but he also said, “I am nervous about how students will respond to me as a new teacher.  Being new always brings on challenges so I do my best to break the ice with students and let them know that I am here to support them!” 


His favorite day so far has been the first day of school since he got to meet a lot of new people. In the future, Mr. Bane is excited about the Adventure Ed. unit because he thinks that it is cool that the students get to learn about rock climbing and try out the obstacle course. 


Mr. Bane likes sports, the outdoors, fishing, and farming. 


Overall, EMS is very excited to welcome these new teachers and is excited to see what the school year brings!