Stories With Mr. Wyland


Adrian Lee

Picture this: you walk into the room before school and you see people doodling on the chalkboard and trying to state that their section is the best. You also hear people making the weirdest sounds  (Like a barfing elephant) on their instruments. You see some 8th graders trying to study for the history test and keep getting interrupted by fifth graders. Where are you? You’re in the band room. 

Mr. Wyland is one of the students’ favorite teachers because of his fun stories and interesting way of teaching. Brody Littlejhon, Baritone player since 5th grade says “{Mr. wyland}Is an amazing teacher. A very fun person.” The whole class loves his amazing stories and how he teaches.

Mr. Wyland was in the Air National Guard. He joined in 2020 and is in The Air National Guard band. They have had over a dozen performances. His favorite piece that he played with them was a jazz rendition of the star-spangled banner. He has also been on duty to help with Covid 19 in Chicago. He was very glad to get back to his students like Ian scot And Levi Rhodes. I asked both of them what they thought about Mr. Wyland. Ian Scott, Saxophonist said “{Mr. Wyland} is a very energetic person.” Levi Rhodes, Percussionist said“{Mr. Wyland}Is a great band instructor and is great at teaching people about music” Most of the students like how he teaches us new rhythms by having us clap and count them

When he was a kid Mr. Wyland wanted to be a middle school band director. Look how well that turned out. His primary instrument is the flute and he started playing in 5th grade. He knows how to play many more instruments though.

Since all of the band kids love his stories I asked him for one. It is about A time when he and his buddies screwed up some marching band props.

 “There was one time I was in a marching band and we had these 12-foot tall wooden props that me and some other guys were in charge of. One time when we were putting them together and we ended up breaking a part of the wood that held the wheels that we needed to roll them on the football field. So instead of telling our teachers that we broke it we decided to try to fix it on our own. We knew that we would need a drill or saw but didn’t have one so we decided to take the marching band’s golf cart down the street to the ace hardware that was there. The ace hardware there did not have any power tools for some reason so we decided to go to a home depot that was twenty minutes away…on a four-lane highway. For some reason, we decided that it would be a good idea to take the golf cart down the highway. So we did. When we got there we were able to just ask someone to drill a hole in a piece of wood. We got back in the golf cart and drove back to where we were staying. When we got there we thought the make shift fix wasn’t going to work but somehow it did! We ended up not getting in trouble and it worked out but it took us four hours to go to the various stores and come back.”


He explained that he probably should have asked for help and that it is a funny story he will always remember. Mr. Wyland is considered one of the best teachers in the school for his funny stories and neat way of teaching.