Softball Team Talks Teamwork and Fun


The EMS softball team strikes a pose during practice.

Emma Miller

The EMS softball team is having fun this year. The team consists of 21 girls and the head coach Mr. Stromberger. 


The girls I interviewed said softball is a really fun sport and their favorite part about it all is the teamwork they have to do. Katelyn Brugger said that she loves to get to know the girls and she also likes to hangout with all the girls.


 They also like the hard work they have to put in to improve their skills. Mr. Stromberger said, “This season is going well as we strive to improve our skills.”  


Addelyn Hadfeild said you have to put your full effort into the games. 


When I asked the girls why they joined this sport, they said it is a fun experience and they just enjoy this sport. 


They also said that other people should join this sport because teamwork is fun and they just like being on the team. Feben Gates said she wanted to be on a fun team. 


Addelyn also said that,” It keeps you healthy and you do a lot of teamwork.” 


Overall the girls on the EMS softball team love to put their full effort into whatever they do. They also love the girls on the team, their coaches are hard on them but they made them a lot better, and finally they love it because it is such a fun and exciting experience.