Most used apps at EMS

Most used apps at EMS

I asked 10 people in each grade level and 15 teachers what their most used/favorite app is and here are the results. 


5th grade girls- YouTube, messages, YouTube, Disney +,  YouTube, Disney +, messenger kids, YouTube, YouTube, Disney +

5th grade boys-  baseball 9, messages, YouTube, YouTube, snapchat, snapchat, messages, city block wars, messages, Instagram

6th grade girls- tiktok, tiktok, tiktok, Disney +, snapchat, tiktok, tiktok, YouTube, messages, tiktok  

6th grade boys- play store, snap chat, snap chat, snap chat, tiktok, YouTube, snap chat, messages, snapchat, mlb 9 

7th grade girls- snapchat, snapchat, snapchat, tiktok, YouTube, feet finder, bible app, face time, messages, face time   

7th grade boys- YouTube, messages, messages, snapchat, YouTube, instagram, messages, tiktok, tiktok, tiktok  

8th grade girls- tiktok, tiktok, snapchat, tiktok, snapchat, pinterest, snapchat, messages, tiktok, tiktok 

8th grade boys- messages, tiktok, photos (.5’s) , snapchat, snapchat, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube,  snapchat,  spotify

Teacher – spotify, life 360, chick fil a, instagram, messages, pandora, fantasy football, amazon, messages, Libby, twitter, spotify, pinterest, bleacher report,      


So it looks like the most used app in 5th grade is YouTube in 6th grade it’s tiktok in 7th grade the most used app is a three way tie between tiktok, snap chat and messages lastly in 8th grade it’s a tie between snap chat and tiktok. For the teachers everyone a lot of different apps. based off the information we found the most used app is technically messages and spotify, but only two teachers said that. 

There were a lot of apps that are not super common, like chick-fil-a or photos just to take 0.5 pictures. Overall there are many popular apps like tiktok, snap chat, and messages, but the most popular is snap chat

photo credit: pixababy