Mrs. Bishop- Staff Spotlight


Kia Boles

Question- How many years have you been teaching at EMS?

Answer- 19 years

Question- Growing up, what was your dream job? 

Answer- Dolphin trainer

Question- What was your childhood nickname?

Answer- Step on me

Question- What did you do for fun during Covid lock down?

Answer- Hang with my family

Question- What are some weird family traditions you have?

Answer- The night before school starts we have a hands- on dinner, and it’s usually spaghetti.   

Question- Who did you look up to as a kid?

Answer- My dad

Question- What’s your favorite memory that you have? 

Answer- My marathon  

Question- If EMS could have any other mascot what would you want it to be?

Answer- Hawks 

Question-What’s it like teaching your own kids?

Answer- “It’s the best, you get to see a whole different side of them and see them at there best, but I have very high standards for them. You also get bonus time with your kids and you get to know their friends” 

Question- What was the most devious thing you have done as a kid?

Answer- I was mostly a good kid but probably fighting with my sister