8th grade – Landon Wurmnest


Levi Gerber

Q – What is your favorite smell and why?

A – The smell of a new baseball glove. The leather smells splendiferous.


Q – What is an item that you might purchase at a grocery store and get weird looks from the cashier while buying it?

A – Hot Wheels because I’m a little kid at heart.


Q – If you could remove one color in the whole world, what would it be and why?

A – Beige because it’s boring.


Q – What do you think your last meal would be if you were on death row?

A – Nachos because nachos are good.


Q – What’s the most creative insult you can think of?

A – A cupcake with grey sprinkles still has more color to its personality than you.


Q – What musical instrument has the most annoying sound to you?

A – My brother because nothing smart comes out of his mouth.


Q – What music would you like to be played at your funeral?

A –  Mr. Wears baseball warm-up music because it’s the vibe.