Track and Field


Madi Meyer

Track season is going on right now. Track is a very fun and active sport! You don’t even have to run to be on the track team, there are plenty of events for everyone. In middle school you can run hurdles, 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash (half a lap), 400 meter dash (one lap), 800 (two laps), and 1600/mile (4 laps). You can also run three different types of relays like 4×1, 4×2 or the 4×4. If you’re not a runner there are a bunch of field events you can do like long jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put, and discus. We asked a couple different people in different events some questions about track. 

First we interviewed Millie. She does the 400, 4×4, 4×2 and sometimes 800. Her favorite events are 4×4 because of her team and the 400 because it’s her individual event. Her favorite part of track is being with friends and being able to see yourself get better through the season. We also Millie if she thinks she will go to state. She said yes because she is ranked second.

We interview Reagan and she does the 100, 800, and pole vault which is her favorite event. She said that her favorite part of track is the team and that everyone is encouraging. Reagan said that she thinks she will go to state for pole vault.

Then we interviewed Skylar. Her events are 4×2, 200, shot, and disc. She said that her favorite part of track is the people. We also asked what event she would do if she could do any other event and she said she would do pole vault.

We interviewed Ava and she runs the mile and the 800. Her favorite event is the mile. We asked her if she would do any other event she would do the 200. Her favorite part of track is being with friends.

Next we interviewed Miles and he said he does shot and disc. He also said that disc is his favorite event. Next we asked him  what his favorite part of track is and he said his favorite part is the shot put family.

Next we interviewed Colt. Colt does the 1600 and hurdles and he said that his favorite is the 1600. He said that his favorite part about track is being social. He said that if he could try another event he would do high jump.

Next we interviewed Madi and she does shot and disc.Her favorite event is is disc and her favorite part of track is friends. She thinks she can go to state for disc because she has already passed state qualifying.

Kentin does the 200, 4×2, and long jump. His favorite event is 200. His favorite part of track is going to the meets. He thinks he will go to state.

We interviewed Mrs. Hoelscher and she did the 4×1, shot, and disc. She also went to state for disc. She enjoys coaching track because she likes to end the year with an activity. Mrs. Hoelscher has been coaching track for 12 years.

Mr. Bellini never did track but he would have done the 400 and/or 4×4. he likes coaching track because he gets to see kids grow and seeing kids become good athletes.This is Mr. Bellini’s 19th season coaching track.