Things You Probably Didn’t Know About People at EMS


Jaxon Klaus

  1. Dax Said he kisses cows
  2. Brock L-Never has gotten grounded (I think we’ve all been grounded)
  3. Jacob Got only 5 B’s in middle school
  4. Kia- had surgery on her b-day because she fell off a swing
  5. Gaba- sings in Argentinian and speaks some German
  6. Jack-dunk a baseball
  7. Brady – hit 10 home runs during a baseball season
  8. Mrs. Burnham- doesn’t like chicken nuggets and birds
  9. Sam sam-doesn’t like pizza (WHAT)
  10. Kennady- doesn’t like tacos (WHAT)
  11. Levi- tested how sharp his knife was and put it into his leg (on accident, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME)
  12. Hayden can turn her arm all the way around 
  13. Mr. Wyland-certified for swift white water rescue
  14. Corbin- he likes to kiss his chickens
  15. Fisher- Baby bunny guts fell out due to eating too much
  16. Dakota- clipped his face right by his eye and it started to bleed really bad     
  17. Tarren- was on a bike ride and crashed then his bike jabbed into his leg
  18. Aiden- has 11 toes
  19. Beni- had a dog onesie that he would wear when he was little
  20. Alex- said he tried to sing let it go when he was little but he couldn’t
  21. Brayden loves hot sauce
  22. Levi Loves pickles in his oatmeal (makes me wanna try it)
  23. Michael f right foot is bigger than his left
  24.  Micheal s Broke his thumb 2 years  ago 
  25. Peyton can palm a basketball
  26. Gabriel actually has a brother
  27. Cade has goldfish that are the size of smallmouth bass in his pond.
  28. Moses has double-jointed elbows 
  29. Tyler kisses his pet bird 
  30. Talon pulled a fire alarm at church once
  31. Miles got pushed out of a tree once
  32. Landon did gymnastics in 2nd grade
  33.  Parks don’t believe in climate change (for an actually good reason)
  34. Bryce That he quit football
  35. Brylieh watches old James Charles videos to fall asleep (quite creepy)
  36. Mr. Heider collects Chicago bobbleheads
  37. Mr. Schiadle hates fishing
  38. Molly g chipped her toe bone riding her bike
  39. Vivian hates tornados
  40. Jarek doesn’t know how to fish
  41. Mrs. Wherly loves woodwork
  42. Selah crashed her 4-wheeler 8 times into trees. 
  43. Keiana got held back in preschool
  44. Mr. Roth fell out of the back of a truck in 2nd grade
  45. Mr. Eastman is the better-looking twin
  46. Alpha Zeke said he killed 2 hermit crabs