80 Ways People in EMS Have Hurt Themselves

  1. Conner Knapp got his head slammed into a door by Peyton Henderson.
  2.  Hank Wettstein got run over by a four-wheeler and broke his leg
  3. Henry Watson says he was riding really fast through a hay field and hit a hay bail and went like 10 feet in the air.
  4. An anonymous person said they broke their foot playing football.
  5. Colt says that his little brother opened a cabinet door and the vacuum fell on him and he lost a tooth.
  6. Kennedy says that she got her foot stepped on by a horse
  7. Mrs. Mooney said that she was hanging off the top of a swing set and fell off and broke her arm
  8. Mr. Bayer said that he was jumping over a fence and his jeans got caught and got flipped over and used his arm to brace the fall and he broke it.
  9. Mr. Wear was sledding off the top of his rough and hurt his leg.
  10. Jaxon Schneider broke his foot wrestling a high schooler.
  11. Ty Tucker said that his brother had a smoke machine in their garage and could not see so he ran into a giant pole and lost 75% of his cornea which is the white part around his eye. He also punched a window and it shattered and cut his hand everywhere.
  12. Mr. Scheidle said that his sister made him run into the path of a falling tree that landed on him.
  13. Zack Luidimen said that he stapled his finger in 5th grade  
  14. Levi Gerber was touching everything in the aisles at Menards and it cut him and he had to have stitches
  15. Isaac ran into a needle 
  16. Miles fell off his couch and snapped his arm
  17. Blake said that he slipped off his deck and hit his head
  18. Miley jammed her finger into a car door.
  19. Mr. Bachman said that he had a guy lift him up in a skid steer and he fell off with a running chainsaw trying to cut branches.
  20. Peyton and Terry Powers did a football drill at practice and Terry Powers led with his head into Peyton’s arm and it broke. He also said that he was over at Hank’s house and they went to his cousins and they cut giant gallon drums in half and drilled holes in them and then tied them to a 4-wheeler and pulled each other around until he went flying off and the sled hit his nose and he broke his nose.
  21. Cadin Wertz said that he cut himself with a pole saw because it went flying off the back of the gator and cut his hand.
  22. Bryce Bailey said that he tried to front flip off a shed and landed off his back
  23. Logan Wettsetin said that he had a broken foot and was running to try to catch his sister and he fell and broke his other foot
  24. Fisher Gladson said that he broke his finder trying to catch a football
  25. Mrs. Regier broke her hand on a slip-and-slide when she was a freshman in college.
  26. Mr. Heider said that he was showing off in front of his girlfriend with one of his friends and his girlfriend and him and his friend were racing and he started to race his friend and he was winning so his friend got mad and pushed him and he fell and broke his collarbone.
  27. Gabba said that she cut herself with a bean hook
  28. The nurse said that she got 2 of her toes cut off by her lawn mower while her mom was mowing the yard.
  29. Teegan said that he got hit by a car on his bike and did a front flip and landed on his back
  30. Enlee fell out of her high chair 
  31. Feben took off her floaties in the pool and jumped on her brother and he tried to drown her
  32. Savannah went in front of my bat and I hit her with it
  33. Brennan ran into Noah and Noah got a concussion
  34. Katelyn got her finger jammed by another skater at the skatepark. 
  35. Brett charged Bryn and got hurt and broke his glasses and it left a big scar
  36. Payton F ran into her basketball coach and bent her finger all the way back resulting in a broken finger 
  37. Mrs. Meiss was spinning around in her neighbor’s living room and hit her head on the corner of the TV stand and it started to bleed. She was also playing outside during the winter time on the ice and fell and got her teeth stuck in the ice
  38. Crey Leman said that he was sitting on a thin branch with his brother and it broke.
  39. Cal Brown said that he was swinging from a branch and his brother pushed him off of it.
  40. Jolyn threw a piece of  glass at  a wall and it came back and hit her in the eye so then she had to get stitches
  41. Brennan said that Carson Gold tried to dunk on him and he did not make it over Brennan so Brennan went flying into a doorframe
  42. Moses went up for a dunk on a mini hoop and when he went up to dunk the screw went into his wrist
  43. Finn said that he broke his toe playing ping pong.
  44. Logan said that he rolled his ankle and fell down his stairs
  45. Mrs. Johnson fell down a hill on a rope swing and broke her toe.
  46. Mr. Nikols got a concussion while riding his bike because he ran into a brick wall.
  47. Mrs. Burnham said that she missed the couch and hit her head on the coffee table and had to get 15 staples in the back of her head.
  48. Ben said that he fell off his scooter and hurt his knee.
  49. Jaxon Klaus said that he was playing hide and seek at night and ran into a giant fire pit and got a deep cut on his knee.
  50. Beni said that he dropped a really sharp knife on his foot and it cut him!
  51.  Levi said that he got sat on during a football game and he popped out.
  52. Easton was jumping on his bed and hit his head on a window seal
  53. Sonia said that she broke her arm sledding down a hill.
  54. Riley said that he jumped off a tree and hurt his hands
  55. Cooper said that he jumped off a tree and hurt his ankles
  56. Sam Snyder said the he stuck his finger into a fan when it was going and he got cut.
  57. Evelyn said that she hit her head on a cabinet door
  58. Brady Thompson said that he and his brother were riding four-wheelers and hit his brother and broke his arm.
  59. David said that he touched a piece of metal after he put a flame to it
  60. Dakota said that he tripped on his stairs and fell down them.
  61. Ella said that she stubbed her toe.
  62. Tay’n said that he fell off his bike going down a hill
  63. Mr. Wyland said that he kicked a shopping cart.
  64. Drake said that he fell off his bike going down a giant hill.
  65. Mrs. Hoelscher said that she slammed her finger on her car door
  66. Bella said that she choked on Cheerios
  67. Mr Durley smacked his head on a doorway.
  68. Cieryn said that he cut his hand with his knife.
  69. Mrs. Wherly said that she hurt her back brushing her back
  70. Krissa said that she was doing a round-off backhand sprang and broke her finger.
  71. Jacon said that he twisted his ankle.
  72. Cash said that he broke his arm when he flipped his four-wheeler.
  73. Cordell said that he trying to catch a football and ran into a wall.
  74. Jude said that a kid from school tripped him
  75. Emma said that she over crossed during a handoff and fell
  76. Landon slid and hurt his leg in the kitten ball.
  77. Zeke said that he tripped in front of his crush.
  78. Again Easton said that he got shot with a bb gun
  79. Jacob said that burnt himself while cooking eggs.
  80. Ady said that she stapled her finger into a board.