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Top Oculus VR games


Cooper Hinkle

This is the list of the most popular Oculus games in our school. These are voted by people that own a headset (Oculus, Index, etc.). These games are found on the Oculus store, some versions of these games are only for PCVR but they still count.


  1. Medal of Honor
    1. You are in an inescapable campaign and cannot escape. You spend your time killing Nazis and you kill valuable targets. 
  2. Gorrila Tag
    1. You can become a monke and swing from branches, escaping the lava monke that is trying to tag you. You can play in the forest, the mountains, canyons, the maze, or heaven. All of the maps let you choose a couple of game modes casual, infection tag, hunt, and paintball. (Free to Play) 
  3. Blade and Sorcery
    1. Blade and Sorcery is a medieval sandbox game where you slaughter NPCs with weapons. Some weapons include swords, maces, knives, lightsabers, and guns. If you don’t like the base game, you can add community-made mods with more maps and crazy weapons.
  4. Pavlov Shack Beta
    1. Pavlov Shack is a first-person multiplayer game with community-made creations and voice chat. You get to play with tons of other people and play on custom maps. You can make your game modes like racing, free for all, and capture the flag.
  5. Cooking VR
    1. Cooking VR is a realistic cooking game. Where you have recipes and you can run your restaurant. You have all types of meat and seasonings for food. There is also a sandbox mode where you can just go crazy with over 200 recipes in this game.
  6. Onward
    1. Ever wanted to be in the middle of the battlefield? Now you can with Onward VR. It is very realistic with high-textured guns and realistic scenarios.
  7. Ghost of Tabor
    1. Ghosts of Tabor is a multiplayer realistic survival, first-person military shooter, based in 2044 in a post-apocalyptic environment. It is a very new game but is something you should try out.
  8. Gun Raider
    1. Have you been bored of Fortnite since season 8? Now you can play Fortnite in VR, it’s called gun raiders. They have seasons, tons of maps, game modes, and guns, all free to play!
  9. Beat Saber
    1. If you like listening to music, you should defiantly play beat saber. It’s one of the oldest games on VR and is still one of the best-paid games. In the game you slice boxes at the right times, syncing with any type of music you want and playing with friends for hours on end.
  10. Super Hot Vr
    1. Super Hot is a great fighting game that gets your rage out if you are mad at anything. You spawn into every level with nothing while killer red crystal guys come after you. The NPCs only move if you move so you can get crazy cool clips and moments. (Play the beta before you buy)
  11. VR Chat
    1. VR Chat is a very fun VR game where you can be whatever you want. You can pick your avatar and chill with other people or play fun game modes. It’s free to play so you are gonna see some… questionable stuff.
  12. God of Gravity 
    1. Risk in space. Throw your ship at the enemy in a deceptive battle.
  13. Bone Lab
    1. Bone Lab is a large-scale sandbox game with modding capabilities
  14. Job Simulator
    1. You are in a world where robots have replaced all human jobs. You need to step into the “Job Simulator” to learn what it is like to “job”. The jobs are represented as realistic approximations of real occupations, these are Auto Mechanic, Gourmet Chef, Store Clerk, and Office Worker.
  15.  Resident Evil 4 VR
    1. This game is a survival horror game with great gameplay, story, graphics, voice acting, and characters. You control Leon S. Kennedy who is on a mission to rescue the US president’s daughter who has been kidnapped. You need to fight violent villagers as they attack you with chainsaws and weapons while they work together, communicating with each other. This game is even better in VR.
  16. Epic Roller Coasters
    1. Epic Roller Coasters is a thrilling roller coaster game. There are tons of fun maps to chill on and have fun. Some even let you shoot stuff.


With so many games, it does not feel right for just me to figure out what the best game is so I asked people that play VR, what their favorite game is. If the person picked something for their favorite, that game got 3 points. If someone said that their second favorite game was something, that would get two points. If a game was picked for third, it got one point. Now the final votes:

1.  Gorilla Tag (11 points)

2. Onward (7 points)

3. Bone Lab (6 points)

3. Blade & Sorcery (6 Points)

4. Pavlov Shack Beta (4 points)

4. Beat Saber (4 points)

5. Resident Evil 4 VR (3 points)

5. Gun Raiders (3 points)

6. VR Chat (2 points)

6. Super Hot VR (2 points)

7. Job Simulator (1 point)

7. Epic Roller Coasters (1 point)

7. God Of Gravity (1 point)

Any recommendations for more articles like this one, email me at

[email protected]

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What is your favorite VR game (on the Oculus store)


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