Water Bottles at EMS


We interviewed 31 students and 5 staff members and the most popular water bottle was a Gx Gatorade bottle with 8. Hydro Flask was in a close second with 6. That surprised us because Stanleys are really popular right now and they only got 5. Sadly last place is Mrs. Regier’s broken Nalgene. The total amount of Gatorade bottles is 13 but 8 of them were Gx. So normal Gatorade and Stanley’s were tied. A few people had Yetis, Hydropeaks, and plastic water bottles. In conclusion just because it is trending right now doesn’t mean it is the best option maybe because of price or quality.

Mr. Stork-Yeti


Bryce – Gx


Ty – Gx


Sam – Plastic water bottle


Maddox – Hydro flask



Hudson – Gx


Colt – Gx


Bryliegh – Stanley


Peyton – Gx


Bryn – Hydro flask


Asher Wegner – Hydrapeak


Kenedy – Hydro flask


Trudy – Hydrapeak 


Tyler – SLM


Katlyn – Gx


Madi – Hydro flask


Sofia – Stanley


Noah – Gatorade


Tate – Gatorade 


Mrs. Knapp – Stanley


Mrs. Reiger – Broken Nalgene


Jaxon – Brumate


Liam – Gx


Finn – Gx


Brett – Hydro flask


Cayden – Insulated Gatorade


Evan – Thermoflask


Mrs. Weaver


Mr. Heider – Yeti


Hank – Plastic water bottle 


Stella – Hydro Flask


Bryleigh Dingledine – Stanley


Grant – Gatorade 


Blade – Yeti 


Carter – Gatorade


Tyler B – Stanley