Caitlin Clark vs Angel Reese


Kia Boles

Caitlin Clark vs Angel Reese

All I see right now is Angel Reese vs Caitlin Clark. After the Iowa Hawkeyes won in a final 4 game vs South Carolina, Caitlin Clark waved her hand in front of her face to her bench, which is the “you can’t see me” celebration. Angel Reese (LSU’s forward) had a friend in South Carolina and wanted to teach Caitlin Clark a lesson. After LSU beat Iowa and national player of the year Caitlin Clark, in the national championship, Angel Reese taunted Caitlin by waving her hand in front of her face and pointing to her finger. 


The big issue with this is many people are hating on Angel, and now the people who like Angel think that she’s getting hate for her race. Personally I don’t think this has anything to do with race. I think because Caitlin is such an incredible player, and has many many fans now, people want to back her up.


I go both ways in this debate. I’m a fan of Clark so I lean a little towards her but I still see both sides. I understand why Reese was mad like she was, but Clark has been respectful 99% of the season, but Reese has been trash talking all season. I think trash talking is a part of the game (with limits of course) but for Clark to get hate for this is unreasonable.


I saw a video of Clarks thoughts on Reese’s taunting. Clark was fine with it, she complemented LSU and didn’t say anything bad about Reese. I think Clark was being a good loser (even though she should have won) and shouldn’t get hate. Now for Reese I really don’t know. One thing I’m very strong about is that her getting hate is not because of her race. I think because Clark has so many fans she has more people backing her up. This whole issue is getting increased by fans, Reese and Clark are totally fine and don’t have issues with each other.


Fans have made this a bigger thing then it should have been. Reese fans say that Angel did the same thing as Caitlin did and that it’s a race issue that Angel got more hate then Clark. Although it was not the same (for a couple reasons) it shouldn’t be such a problem considering the players are fine. Both players are smack talkers and knew that the game was going to be like it was. 


My personal opinion on the whole thing is that both girls were just playing their game. Clark did some taunting to South Carolina and Reese did some taunting to Iowa. I do think Angel Reese may have over done it, but she doesn’t deserve the hate she’s been getting.     


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