Rise of Nations Part 2


Brody Littlejohn, Journalist

You know the movie “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” well, switch that out for “Bombers, Tanks, and Aircraft Carriers” and that’s what this game has to offer. First off, if you don’t get what I’m saying like DMZ or VC look it up no harm done. (DMZ is a Demilitarized Zone and VC is Viet Cong).

Planes There are a plethora of aircraft options you can choose from the original option is the fighter. Fighters can be used to battle other planes so they can intercept bombers, transports, and attackers. The fighter aircraft costs 1 aircraft part and its upkeep is 23,000. The bomber on the other hand does the exact opposite, unlike World War II bombers who have no armament against fighters. If you are a bomber person bring some attackers with you cause you will get destroyed. They cost 1 aircraft part and upkeep is 90,000.(Skit time) “Hi, Germany is in Poland and I would like to trade for the city of Munich”. “Yes, I will trade for the city of Munich, what do you have?”. “I just have all of these beautiful bombers?”. “Ah yes I will take all of your bombers please,” said Germany, giving the city of Munich to Poland. Then Germany decides to invade Poland with all of those bombers he just got. (Trivia Game Show!) What will happen, will Poland get decimated or will Germany fail at an invasion? Both first Germany gets decimated in the skies but since Poland sucks at defending its ground. Oh, Poland also loses Munich. Now let me define Germany as a big, scary, war machine. Attackers the default skin for the attacker is the A-10 Warthog. They are ok at attacking fighters ok at bombing cities but great at bombing infantry, tanks, and ships. They cost 1 aircraft part and have an upkeep of 54,000. Last but not least the transport in my case is the worst aircraft out there. With a cost of 20 AIRCRAFT PARTS! It’s hard enough getting 1. And with the upkeep of 80,000, this is the worst aircraft you can buy. And it can only transport troops so if you are transporting 100,000 infantry and 1 fighter intercepts you and destroys your transport aircraft that 1,000,000 MP is wasted like WTH! Congratulations you have made ⅓ through the second paragraph (Im sorry).

Tanks, with only 2 it’s not a very big group. The first tank is a tank…    … yeah with a cost of 1 motor part and 0.25 steel and upkeep of 160,000, it is the most powerful and expensive land vehicle you can buy. The only person that can make more than 5 in Germany and Russia cause everyone else needs more research. The next tank is AA. Wait but Brody AA is not a tank AA is a stationary anti-aircraft gun. Well in this game it is not stationary it is a moving tank. No one ever uses them so it is not useful. With a cost of 4 units of iron, 0.2 units of titanium, and 2 units of tungsten and a cost of 64,000 it is expensive in materials and only useful against planes.

You are now ⅔ through the second paragraph pat yourself on the back (I’m truly sorry). Ships, ships are a unit that no one but I use cause I like navies but there is one thing with is part that I’m going to tell you, you should thank me cause I was going to rant about why they should lower the upkeep of the aircraft carrier and why the submarines should fire missiles but I will refrain from doing that back to the article. Frigates, when you get you you have the feeling of… … disappointment. The only thing a frigate can do is poke a battleship before it gets destroyed by it and can’t even hit the target on the coast. It does horrible damage to ground troops has a small calibre and a submarine could destroy it. Now it makes up for its built-in submarine detection abilities. And low price with only 2 steel costs and upkeep of 54,000. Submarine (WE ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE), submarines in this game are tricky. Cause they don’t fire missiles to bombard land areas. They don’t have a good range. And they have oil costs. So like, what the heck man? I’ll explain 1. Submarines today have missile capabilities but in the game, they don’t. 2. Submarines today have nuclear reactors so that range should be able to go across the map at least 7 times. 3. They should have great range cause they have nuclear reactors. Overall 2/10 games and the cost doesn’t get me started on the cost. A frigate has more range than submarines and costs more with 3 units of steel and 340,000 upkeep. I also went back on what I said the submarines in the game make me so mad I just need to explain. Aircraft carriers, the carriers in this game are kind of useless they cost 20 units of steel and have an upkeep of 4,000,000 what can they do sit there and tell people you get a lot of money? Battleships, are they expensive: yes: can they destroy a bunch of stuff: yes: pretty even right I think so. They cost 10 units of steel and the upkeep of 1,000,000. Destroyers, nothing to see here just an unused unit here. They cost 4 steel and have an upkeep of 500,000. The only person that makes a big navy is GB and there is always that one player that Germany will always declare war on and that’s GB. then you have the GB player that says a speech “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall never surrender”-PM Winston Churchill. And then he goes and takes over the Faroe Islands and loses 100,000 just to be destroyed by Germany and his final words will be like “Never Surrender” or something like that. And that’s every vehicle you can use I’m going to end the second paragraph here before this becomes an article on its own.