Flipped Review


Kia Boles

This year 7th graders read the book flipped by Wedelin Van Draanen and watched the movie directed by Rob Reiner. Flipped has two main characters named Bryce and Juli.


The Book

I personally think the book wasn’t too bad. The problems were well explained and the characters’ thoughts made the book better. When reading the book one moment took a whole chapter but in the movie some events took less than 5-10 minutes. I would give the book a 6/10 or as a letter grade I would rate it a B. 


The Movie

My opinion on the movie is that it is very very weird. The big events in the movie lasted much shorter than they felt like in the book. However I think the actors in the movie were pretty good. 



One main character is Juli. Juli’s character was played by Madeline Carroll. My opinion on her is actually good.  She could talk fluently and she knew when to speak up. She has other movies like the classic Santa Clause 3 and I Can Only Imagine. I’ve seen other movies with her and she was good in almost all of them. I think this role was good for her. In the book Juli seemed crazy. She was projected to be a crazy girl who was obsessed with Bryce. I think that made her seem worse than the movie. I would give the actor a 7/10 and the character a 5/10.    



Another main character is Bryce. Bryce was played by Callan McAuliffe. Personally I don’t think he was the best actor. He seems like a good actor but this role was not meant for him. I’ve never seen other shows with him, but he has roles in big movies like the Walking Dead. In the book Bryc was a better character. Bryce’s thoughts were better projected then they were in the movie. I think the author did a good job with Bryce’s character. I would give the actor a 4/10 and the character a 6/10  


Bad things

One thing that was bad about the whole story of flipped was how predictable it was. Like at the end when Bryce was in Juli’s backyard and Juli didn’t know why, I think everyone in my class could figure out why he was there. Or when Bryce would throw away Juli’s eggs we all knew Juli would find out. Of course every story or movie has predictable things, but this book had almost no plot twists. If the book had just two things that were not expected the story could have been great.

I do think the story was good, but it wasn’t great. I think for others the movie could be great but I’m not a big fan of love stories. I think the teenage drama was just too cheesy for me.

I also think the way that we heard they’re thoughts was weird. His voice in his head wasn’t the same as he actually talks and when he was thinking the scenes looked bad.   


Good things 

The movie had a lot of good actors. Some weren’t great but they did have mostly really good ones. The plot was developed and the story was well told. If the movie was a little longer then it would have been better. It had some really good parts like the Juli in the tree and most of the basket boy parts   


Over All  

The movie had some good parts and some bad parts. Over all it wasn’t too bad and I would give it a B- or a 5 or 6 out of 10