Is “Fuller House” worth the watch?


Kennedy Stamm

Most people grew up on the popular show Full House. Personally I did. The show Full House. Is so much better. Fuller House is made to be like our generation. It can be questionable sometimes but overall it’s a good show. I like the storyline behind some episodes. 

Cosmo was a dog and was definitely my favorite. He left a positive note on the production even when he did something naughty. But he was Max Fuller’s best friend over all. My least favorite character is Ramona. She was really high energy and very spoiled. Her spoiled part of her life was the worst. She got a pony once. Then it was gone after 2 episodes. That was the dumb part of the show. 

I also hated how the episodes were something new every time. They should have been able to carry a problem or story on into the next episode to make it more life-like. The good things I liked about the show was it was a comedy but also had family problems. I also loved how the kids in Full House their “signature fail” was on Fuller House but as an adult. Like when the character Stephanie was young in Full House she got mad and accidentally backed up her uncle’s most prized car in the kitchen. In Fuller House the same thing happened. She got mad and didn’t know the car was in reverse so she backed it in the kitchen. She ruined the whole kitchen with that one car. But the worst part about that scene was when you moved on to the next episode, the kitchen was as good as new. I would have loved to see it still destroyed and an episode on how they were able to fix it with money and time.

 In conclusion, I recommend this show for many reasons but I would expect those faults in it.