Outer Banks Season 3 Review

Bryleigh Brace

I was very excited when season 3 of Outer Banks came out! It came out Thursday, February 28, 2023. I finished it in 1 day and here are my thoughts on it… 

They ended season 2 with the Pogues (John B, JJ, Pope, Kiarra, Sarah, and Cleo) on a stranded island that they named Pougelandia.

Season 3 starts off strong but gets progressively worse and very predictable now don’t get me wrong I liked it but I think it was definitely the worst season out of them all.

 think the screenplay writers had a great idea for a plot for season 3 they made it just too predictable in my opinion. 


What worked well

  • Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes did a very good job playing John B and Sarah in the show John B and Sarah are a couple and I think Madelyn and Chase did a great job playing a couple they did a great job showing their compassion for each other even though they are not a couple in real life
  • I liked how John B’s dad Big John came into the picture they reconnected in Barbados and they became really close I liked how in the end John B and Big John didn’t live happily ever after yes when Big John passed you can tell that Big John was happy with his life, but they didn’t technically live happily ever after as most shows and movies do for an ending 
  • Pope and Cleo!!!! During the last episode, they become a couple and I think they are very cute their personalities go together very well, and I think they will be a very good couple in the next season 


What didn’t worked 

  • JJ and Kiara if you watched the show you know they end up becoming a couple and I just think they are WAY better as friends I just do not ship them AT ALL and my least favorite part of the whole show is that Kiara calls JJ “Jayj” like she is just so annoying when she says it and I just don’t like it Kie has just dated them all and it just annoys me that she does that 
  • It was VERY predictable the best example of that was at the end when one of Mr. Singh’s guys had a gun pointed at Sarah and of course like in every movie and show Singh’s guys did not shoot Sarah and I did not want Sarh to get shot but they just made the show too predictable  


Overall I rate season 3 of Outer Banks 3 out of 5 stars 

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