Since you’ve been gone- book review


Trudy Wettstein

Do you ever just want a good book that is worth a lot of AR points, easy to read, and hard to put down? If so, Since You’ve Been Gone is the perfect book for you. To me, Since You’ve Been Gone is very relatable because the main character (Emily) is shy but her best friend (Slaone) is very outgoing. Emily always does everything with Sloane and they have a lot of plans for their summer, but when Sloane goes missing. All Emily wants to do is find her best friend. One day she receives a list in the mail from Sloane. Emily wonders if she completes all the things on the list it will lead her to Sloane. Everything on the list Emily can’t imagine doing, even without Sloane. Each chapter is named as one of the items on the list, which makes you want to read that chapter to figure out how she crosses off that item on the list. 

Morgan Matson (the author) is very good at writing awesome and engaging books for teenagers. Morgan Matson is currently my favorite author because of how she writes relatable teen books. I have read a couple of other books by Morgan Matson and I am reading one right now and I Love every single one of them. She is really good at making her books emotional which makes the book way more interesting and harder to put down. 

Another thing Morgan Matson includes in her books that makes them as awesome as they are is playlist. I have only seen the playlist in Morgan Matson books and I like them so much because they just add something good to the book and make it more interesting. Overall I would give  since You’ve Been Gone a 5/5 because I LOVE It, it’s a very interesting book, and it’s pretty long so after reading it I felt pretty accomplished.