Cookies And Cream Ice Cream Review


Jaxon Klaus

   Have you ever had cookies and cream ice cream? Well if you have I reviewed 2 types of cookies and cream Ice cream. The brands of Ice creams I will review are Walmarts Great Value  Cookies and cream ice cream and the Oreo Blizzard from DQ. These are all things available near you.

   I enjoy a good Oreo Blizzard, it is essentially the same thing as cookies-and-cream ice cream that I could get from Walmart. On a positive note, DQ’s signature vanilla soft serve tasted mellower and had a more delicate finish than what you’d find at the grocery store. I also liked that I could taste the icing bits in the Oreos.  But I probably wouldn’t order this one again unless I was on the go and craving something familiar. For the price of $2.89, I would rather purchase a gallon of high-quality cookies-and-cream ice cream from Walmart for $6.58 than get a mini Oreo blizzard which is 6 fluid ounces! If you’re on the road and want a little snack I would recommend this snack. Make sure that the person giving you your blizzard doesn’t flip it upside down cause if they don’t you get a free mini blizzard.  I would rate it a 3.5/5.

   Now when I’m home and want to enjoy a good dessert I go downstairs and grab the Walmart brand cookies and cream ice cream. One thing to say is that there were lots of cookies. A lot of ice cream has too much air mixed in. This is not that way at all. Creaminess is sufficient. Great in milkshakes. I love this ice cream. Can’t relate to any of the bad reviews. Plus for the price of $6.58, you get a gallon of ice cream rather than at DQ where you get 6 fluid ounces of Oreo blizzard for $2.98! Overall if you’re looking to enjoy a nice dessert for a very cheap price,  I would strongly recommend the Cookies and Cream ice cream from Walmart great value brand. I would rate it s 4.3/5.