Fight for life week


Kia Boles

Fight for life week has come to an end. We had a total of 5 fundraisers at EMS, which included candy grams, teacher jean passes, tape a teacher to the wall (Mr. Schaidle), the FFL sale, and the volleyball games organized at recess. 


I asked Mrs. Brace at the high school some questions. The first thing I asked her was what fundraisers they did. She said they had a barn dance, movie night, quarter auction, 3 on 3 basketball tournament, and a volleyball tournament all outside of school. She also told me each school in the district holds its own fundraisers at its own school. For example, our high school has a coin wars competition. It’s where all of the first-hour classes are in a competition to see which class can bring in the most money. She said that “It is a super fun way to get everyone in the school involved. Plus the winning class gets a breakfast party.”   

I asked Kinley Stoller, a member of the student council at EMS, what her favorite fundraiser was. She said that her personal favorite was the volleyball fundraiser. 


The total money raised at EMS after the 5 events was $1,461, and the money raised at the high school has yet to be announced, but they do know that the coin war competition raised around $14,200. An event that has all the schools high school, middle school, and the elementary schools involved is the fight for life assembly. The fight for life assembly is the end of fight for life week. The high school members on FFL came to talk to us about the money raised and where it’s going. 


During fight for life week there were many ways to support FFL. You could buy clothes that said “Good Vibes and Saving Lives”, and you could come to many fun activities. If you missed out of the activities this fight for life week there’s always next year. It’s so incredible the money Eureka has raised and hopefully the numbers continue to grow. Don’t miss out on fight for life week next year and try your best to get involved.