Mandalorian Review


Adrian Lee

Mandalorian is one of the best tv shows out there. It is in its third season and is still going strong. I would usually put a synopsis here but if you haven’t seen Mando you are not living.


Best Episode

The best episode of “he Mandalorian is definitely season 3, episode 5. This is the most action-packed episode. It has everything from jetpack combat, starfighter battles, and a ground assault. This episode shows strong character development in the Mandalorians. The best part of this episode is when Mando and Bo Katan Destroy the Carrier. I like how this episode shows a change in heart with the Mandolorians. It adds a crucial piece to the story. At the end of the episode, we are left on a major cliffhanger where we hear that there is a piece of beskar in the wall from the ship with Moff Gideon. I think the Imperial chick in rehab saved him and put a piece of beskar in the wall.

Worst Episode

This was definitely the hardest part to right. All but one episode of Mando is great and that episode is, Chapter 10, The Passenger. This is the episode where Mando delivers the fish eggs. This is the only episode I wasn’t able to get through in one sitting. I will usually watch 2 to 3 episodes in a row but this put a halt to that. This episode is just boring. Nothing happens till the last fifteen minutes when Mando gets chased by the spiders. This episode doesn’t even contribute to the story. If you removed this one episode nothing would be changed.

Season 1 Opinions

Season 1 is the second-best season of Mando. It sets the general theme and introduces all of the characters. I think that the first couple of episodes were a little dull compared to the rest of the season. The season’s highlights were definitely the season finale and “Sanctuary”.One thing I don’t like about most series is that episodes either focus entirely on the plot or are action all the way. However, The Mandalorian’s season finale isn’t like this. The season finale was very action-packed yet still showed a good plot and character development. The episode sanctuary is the same way. I like it because it balances storytelling and action very well.

Season 2 Opinions

Season 2 was mediocre at best. Most episodes were either all action or all plot. The story was fairly predictable and the finale was nothing special. Anyone that’s seen any other Star Wars movies or shows could easily see what was going to happen. Season 2 didn’t provide us with any really interesting episodes or story arcs. even the plot twist at the end doesn’t play into season 3.

Season 3 Opinions

So far season 3 is perfect. There is a good balance between the story and the action, the characters keep developing more and more, and it still has some funny bits to it. season 3 follows Grogu as he trains to be a Mandalorian. I think it would be hilarious to see him in one of their helmets. it also talks about Bo Katans return to her people and the empire’s destruction of worlds. It sheds new light on the New Republic and created a separate storyline within the bureaucratic nonsense. This season’s only flaw is the episode length. Disney did something weird and is alternating between 60-minute and half-hour episodes. I find this really annoying when I have very little time because I Don’t know if I will be able to finish it or not. It also means you have less to watch every other week. If Disney fixed that this season would be perfect.

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