Rise of Nations

Brody Littlejohn, Journalist


Have you ever wanted to take the world over as Luxembourg? No? You don’t know what Luxembourg is! Well, welcome to Rise of Nations the most tactical thing in Roblox to this day. You want ships you got it, how about planes you got, tanks yep you got. It’s got everything (there are some things it could have though). I truly love this game I spend a lot of time taking over Africa. Every single country you see on a map you can play as in this game. This game is hard. Like very hard. You will need lots of strategies.

When you get to choose a country. Then you are thrown into a world of war, economy, and politics. people will send you trade requests then you will get bombarded with artillery, tanks, and AA guns. That consists of your first 3 minutes of playing. To get soldiers to defend your homeland you click on a city, click units, infantry wait you can’t you chose Fiji. Fiji has a disarmed military got to change some policies. Wait you made the government mad at you? Well now gets some supporters and change your government to Communism. USA! Incoming. Looks like you have some friend issues. USA is feeling sad so he releases you as a puppet state and enforced democracy into you and you have to pay 25% of taxes to the US cause you are a puppet state. That’s on a good day. Wait I’m not done. Then Russia is like “ill liberate you and turn you Communist and then ill get my friend China and North Korea and we will go get the USA”. One thing leads to another and you are a war with the USA (Insert Fortunate Son Meme). Then Germany is like. “You know Russia what if you did not exist”. Then Germany proceeds to take all of Russia. And North Korea is like “Japan more like South-North Korea”. Then China is like “Germany no North Ch-” and China gets destroyed by an angry bourbon lover (USA) repeat that five times and you have a successful run. Once you get better you choose a good country like…  Aha Sweden. First, you attack Denmark but Germany hates that cause he can’t become the German Empire. So you go to your friend USA cause your basic and ask for MP (manpower), but Germany has already penetrated the border. You get clapped by a beer-loving idiot. Now class what did we learn? One we can’t destroy Germany and the US will never help you.

Once you figure out that you are bad at the game you leave the game and join the next day and for the next 300,000 years. Overall this is a great game I rate the game mechanics 9/10, the graphics a 7/10, and the players a 10/10 for toxic.