Blade and Sorcery


Cooper Hinkle

  Blade and Sorcery is a game, set in a medieval fantasy, fighting knights, mercenaries, bandits, etc. The game is not only on VR but the game is on pcvr (pc version for better graphics and mods). But it’s not just that. It has climbing, swords, mods, guns, literally anything you want! The game has mod capabilities and creative freedom. I personally bought this game because some of my friends playing it (It’s $29.99).  I can explain.

   In Blade and Sorcery, you can either fight in a sandbox game mode or a dungeon play though. You get weapons and spells. The spells are limited and not that much fun. All of the weapons are great. There is lots of diversity in the weapons. All of them have an old, medieval theme which is a nice touch.

   You can also mod Blade and Sorcery. You can become your favorite character from Star Wars, GOW, the list never ends. I personally use katanas and lightsabers.  Mods make this game so much more fun. With the most recent update, it’s way more accessible to quest players.

    There is a partial storyline. You can play it when you play Dungeon. In the dungeon, you have no weapon but you have your spells. You have to fight unarmed and not die (sometimes hard without mods). It’s not that much fun. You could just go into a sandbox map and do the same things though.

    Updates also happen not frequently. The devs love adding new additions and features. The updates are long and far away. It does get boring if you have no mods or there is nothing new to explore.

My review for this game is a 4.8/5. The game has infrequent updates, modding capabilities, infinite possibilities, and endless fun. You can always chill in this game and kick ai brains forever.


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