2023 March Madness

Levi Gerber

      This year’s NCAA men’s March Madness tournament was very exciting. If you don’t know, March Madness is a tournament of the 64 best college basketball teams. It is one of the most-watched live sporting events. According to Sports Media Watch, more people watch March Madness Final Four, than the NBA Finals. March Madness is a big tournament consisting of 64 teams that battle it down to one champion. Many people, including me, filled out a bracket trying to guess who wins each game. No one has ever had a perfect bracket yet because there are over 9.2 quintillion possible outcomes! I had 8 different brackets so I had different teams winning each time. The one-seed teams are Kansas, Purdue, Houston, and Alabama. There have been some crazy upsets including Virginia a four-seed, losing to Furman a 13 seed, and Arizona, a two-seed losing to Princeton a 15 seed! I asked some people that had a bracket who they had winning. Molly Gerber said she had Arizona winning. Oof, they got first rounded. Cayden Fogo said he has Kansas winning which is who won last year. Gabe Heider said he had Alabama winning which is who I would have picked if I didn’t pick Purdue. Donovan Rocke said he had Purdue like me. Landon Still said he had Virginia winning. His bracket is ruined now because they just lost. Dax Wiegand said he had Texas winning. Everett Axelson said he had Purdue like me and Donovan. Opal Hoffman said she had Texas winning. Blake Littlejohn also said he had Purdue. And finally, Braden Lehman said he had Alabama winning. Most people picked a high-seed team, but you never know, the lower-ranked teams have a high chance. My bracket and a lot of others’ brackets are toast because Purdue got first rounded. Honestly, next year I’m not even going to pay attention to the seeding because of how many upsets there are. This year the final four consisted of Miami vs. UCONN, and Florida
Atlantic vs. San Diego State. The championship was between UCONN and SDS. UCONN easily beat them. That was no surprise to a lot of people because UCONN had smoked every other time. I hope the tournament is exciting again next year.








*Picture from Wikipedia Commons*