The Bellinis

The Bellinis

Kennedy Stamm

We interviewed the Bellinis about how it’s like working together here at EMS. Wouldn’t you think being with your partner in the same building all day everyday is annoying? Well not for these love birds. We asked Mrs. Bellini, who teaches 7th grade science what it’s like and she perked up with a smile on her face replying with, “It’s awesome!” They love working in the same building. Mr. Bellini, who teaches PE, told us, “It’s great. We can talk about the same things at work, we know the same people and kids, and we can ride home together. But we really don’t work together, she’s in a different class.” We asked them where they met. They met at the EMS cafeteria. I would say they really like working together. 

We asked some teachers that were around at that time, first we asked Mr. Troutt. We asked him if they got along very well. He said they did! We also asked Mr Troutt if he would work with his wife. He said, after 5 minutes of thinking, “Don’t get me wrong I love my wife but my wife is a highly organized person and look at my desk!” We asked Mr. Schaidle the same thing. He was a bit more complex and forward with his answers. He said in his sarcastic voice, “Well no! they said oh I don’t like you so why don’t I marry you!” That made us interviewees laugh. We also asked Mr. Schaidle how he found out about their marriage. He said, “Well I don’t know maybe the invitation we got in the mail!” Once again it made us laugh. When we asked how he reacted he gave us a very short answer. “Oh I was giddy!” He said. When we were done interviewing him we walked out with tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. We didn’t know he was so passionate about the Bellinis! We also asked Mr. Schaidle if he would work with his wife. He said “2 Shcaidles on one job is 1 too many Schaidles!” 

I think it is safe to say that the Bellinis love working together and they bring joy to all the kids and staff they work with day-to-day. It’s good they like working together, we wouldn’t want them to have the same response as Mr. Troutt and Mr. Schaidle… As a student, I love how the Bellinis work in the same building and I think it’s awesome that they get to do that. I think many people in this world would love to work with their partner. They are lucky to have met here and then get married and work together. 

Now we had a little game we did with them. We asked Mrs. Bellini a series of questions then asked Mr. Bellini to guess her answers to each question. It is quite funny! 


First question – What is Mrs. B’s favorite movie and disney movie?

Mrs. Bellini said: Beauty and the Beast and Moneyball

Mr. Bellini guessed: Lion King and It’s a wonderful life (WRONG!)


Second question – What is Mrs. B’s favorite junk food?

Mrs. Bellini said: Carmella bars

Mr. Bellini guessed: Buffalo Wild Wings (WRONG!)


Third question – What is a something you and Mrs. B do that other people would think is weird?

Mrs. Bellini said: We call each other Baba

Mr. Bellini guessed: Definitely baba (CORRECT!)


Fourth question – If Mrs. B could teach any other subject, what would it be? 

Mrs. Bellini said: Social Studies

Mr. Bellini guessed: Social Studies (CORRECT!)


Fifth question – What is Mrs. B’s favorite book?

Mrs. Bellini said: Holes

Mr. Bellini guessed: It’s a wonderful life (WRONG!)


Sixth question: What is Mrs. B’s favorite car?

Mrs. B said Jeep.

Mr. Bellini guessed: For sure Jeep (CORRECT!)


Seventh question: What are you guys currently binge watching?

Mrs. B said: Criminal minds

Mr. Bellini guessed: Jack Ryan