Twins @ EMS


Ivy & Mya Edwards

Imagine- It’s April 1st.  Everyone is pranking people while you’re going to the doctor. Now imagine, you’re on the highway after a busy day of work. You are just trying to get home. And you get a text from your wife saying that you are having twins. Of course with it being April fools’ day you ignore the message. But, as you glance at your phone again you see that she has called you 4 times and is calling you again. You let it ring out, and see she has messaged you. You tap on the message and see two babies. Once you see the babies you realize that you are having twins. This is the story of what happened to my parents.

 Twins are unpredictable things that can happen. But coincidentally we have over 10 pairs of twins in our school. The twins in 5th grade are the Schrock twins, The Farneys. Then in 6th grade are The Maskey twins, the Stiger twins, The Minder Twins, and The Gerti twins. In 7th grade, the twins are The Adams twins and The Henderson twins. The final step with twins is the 8th-grade twins: the Edward Twins, The Watson Twins, and the Post twins.

 I interviewed some of the twins and this is what they had to say about being twins, Caleb and Carter said No, because Caleb got hit by Carter while he was trying to sleep and they both laughed and giggled. Then I asked the Schrock twins the same question and they said they don’t like it because Alex tells Benni’s secrets to everyone as Alex goes no I don’t, (giggle). Another question I asked Benni and Alex was what they hated about being a twin and they said mismatching names and sharing stuff. These are the 5th-grade twins

Next, we go to the 6th-grade twins  Then I asked the Maske twins Charlotte and Lucy what they had in common and they had to think and said Volleyball and the same eye color. I next asked them if they liked being a twin or not and they said sometimes no because they feel like getting away from them and fighting for a lot of things and sometimes yes because they liked similar things. Next, I asked them if twins run in their family and they said yes, they also finish each other’s sentences. 

Lucy & Charlotte Maske


Peyton & Savannah Henderson

Now we have to go to 7th grade which surprisingly only has 2 sets of twins but we were only able to interview one pair of twins. So I asked Savannah some questions and here is what she had to say. While I was interviewing Savannah, she would not stop giggling. I asked Savannah if she liked being a twin and she said “No because …( thinks for a long time, lays on the floor, and gets back up) Peyton bullies me.” I don’t but she thinks I do. Then I asked her what her favorite part about being a twin is and she said “you always have someone there for you.” The stuff we have in common is we both like to be outside Peyton more than Savannah. Something weird that I realized is that we don’t have twins in our family but nonidentical twins are supposed to have twins run in their family.

 We interviewed Henry and Sophia Watson and what it was like to be a twin and this is what they had to say. We asked if they have anything in common, and they both said  “annoying little sister” (while giggling), and “we like to go hunting.” Next, we asked what your favorite part about being a twin is and they said “that you have a built-in friend” (both continue to laugh). then we asked them what is their least part about being a twin and they responded by saying “you have to share a lot of stuff.” Also, we asked them do you like being a twin and they thought for a second and said “yes because there is always someone who will listen to them.” Twins do run in their family. I asked if they had a secret language they spoke and they said “no.” they don’t finish each other’s sentences. We asked if they can tell us a funny story about them and they told us about when they used to run through Walmart saying hue like they were playing Marco polo. They said, “when they found out they were having twins he reacted by being scared because he really wanted a boy.”


Henry & Sophie Watson

 Twins are a peculiar thing that can happen, so it’s pretty crazy that we have so many at our school! From what we have heard from the twins in our school it can be a very fun and adventurous journey throughout their lives. A lot of them said living with someone who is the same age as you can have a lot of good things, but also a lot of bad things too. And after my dad’s initial shock, I would hope that he think it’s a pretty awesome, yet coincidental thing.