Why EMS Needs a Bomb Shelter


Wikimedia commons

Adrian Lee

EMS needs an EMP-proof bomb-proof airtight bomb shelter. In the world, there are approximately 15000 nuclear warheads, half of which are owned by Russia. With Russia’s latest attack on Ukraine overstepping their boundaries we can’t tell how far they’ll go. Currently, Russia and the USA combined have enough monkeys to destroy every major city in the world twice. This creates many safety issues in the home, at work, and at school. If “Red Dawn” were to come true there would be nothing to protect us. This is why the school needs a Bomb shelter.

Another reason why schools need a bomb shelter is tornados. Cowering under your desk in fear is a lot more dangerous than hiding in a bunker that could survive the apocalypse. If a nuke won’t kill the students in there then a tornado won’t leave a scratch. Also in the event of an intruder, it would be safer to run into a bunker than across a crowded highway. If Mad Max turned real we would need weapons.

I propose putting a large armory in the bunker. I would list off all the firearms I’d want in the armory but Mrs. Regier won’t let me write about it :(.

Another thing that should be added to the shelter is escape craft. I would suggest Multiple Heuy helicopters. In the event of an evacuation, All students and staff could be loaded onto the choppers and ferried away. If The school was attacked We could deploy the choppers like the flight of the valkyries in “Apocolypse Now”. Another bonus of the choppers is that we can use them for medivac. If A student was to get seriously injured they could be rushed to any hospital nearby within minutes.

The most important reason for the shelter is ICBMs. ICBM, Intercontinental ballistic missile is a nuclear warhead designed to strike any place anywhere in the world. If any country would decide to nuke Peoria, Washington, or Bloomington, Eureka would be in trouble. With the bunker, students, staff, and potentially parents could rush to the bunker for safety. Even if the town got destroyed we would still survive.
You might be worried about the cost but you shouldn’t be. The Bunker would only cost upwards of 100 billion dollars. If the taxes were increased by 7000% we could easily pay for this state-of-the-art bunker.

*Feature image is from Wikimedia commons