2nd Guest Author Story: All About BANANA

2nd Guest Author Story: All About BANANA

(This is our second guest author story. if you want to guess the author click on this link, https://forms.gle/jMbEfKDatY6neYyK7. if you get the guest author right you will get 3 green slips like last time. )
The banana is the best creation. They are tasty and good for you, but don’t eat too many because the potassium might eat you.
Bananas are important. Monkes love them. Humans love them. To them they are a yummy golden and white snack that you can eat any time.

Where do you find bananas? Well first you could find them in a tree but most likely you will find them in the store.

How to buy bananas?  First, go to store, grip bananas, buy, then go eat bananas, and good for you. Here are some pictures of bananas with monke too.

The health benefits of bananas | BBC Good Food


Okay now let’s talk about why bananas are important. Without them, monke would starve. That would be bad because we would lose about 1.5 million monkes. That would be bad because then gorillas would die too and we don’t want that to happen, so that why I’m teaming up with Mr. boost and we are going to end monke hunger. No more monkes or gorilla are gonna starve.