8th Grade Spotlight: Guest Author Cooper Hinkle


Q: What’s your favorite monkey

A: Lava monkey from gorilla tag

Q: Do you like having written  the most popular article

A: yee

Q: What are your favorite hobbies

A: Coding, making video games

Q: Is tucker (your brother) really annoying

A: yee

Q: Do you have pets

 A: Yee. 1 dog, Chew Chew, and 7+ cats

Q: What’s your favorite part about ems

A: The nice people in sports

Q: Favorite, candy, movie, and book

A: Jelly belly

    Top gun maverick

    Clifford the big red dog

Q: Do you have a funny story?

A: I went sledding at the eureka golf course with my family. I went down very fast and hit a ramp. It sent me 5 feet up and i landed on my back. I got the wind knocked out of me