Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Colt Leman

Why dogs are better than cats

Dogs or cats? Possibly the most controversial topic of all time. Which one is better?  Today, I am here to end all the debating. Dogs are better (but everybody has their own respective opinion).

I have 3 big reasons for liking dogs much better than cats. 1st, Dogs give you attention, whereas cats don’t. 2nd, dogs are more trainable and smart. 3rd, they are loyal and protective. 

First of all, dogs give you much more attention than cats do. Whenever you come home, dogs will meet you at the door, whereas cats will not care whatsoever if you come home. Dogs will want you to play, and take them on walks all the time. Which might sound bad to some, but this will help you to be more active and get you to exercise more than you might. That will help you to lose weight (if you need to, I am by no means saying you are fat, please don’t take that in a bad way). If you are lonely, dogs will give you a friend and something to do. If not, they are still fun to play with and own. If you’re bored, play with your dog. If your mom took your phone, play with your dog. If no one wants to play with you, your dog will. 

Second, dogs are more trainable and overall are more smart than cats. You can teach dogs tricks whereas the only tricks you can teach your cat is… never mind, you can’t teach them tricks. Teaching your dogs tricks is also something to do while you are bored, another thing to go with the last reason. Teaching your dogs will come across as pretty impressive. Cats are not smart enough to listen to their owner’s commands while dogs, if taught well, can be told to walk backwards and they will do it. Some of the most impressive dog tricks (in no particular order) are, 

  1. Play dead
  2. Walk backwards
  3. Open the door
  4. Catch balls and treats
  5. Balance treats on their nose
  6. Dance
  7. Point
  8. Stand
  9. Jump rope
  10. Stand on your back (the dog will stand on your back)

Dogs can also be trained to be service dogs that can help people with disabilities while cats would just move on and not care. Service dogs are very impressive, and can tell whether or not you can cross the street, help you down the steps, pull wheelchairs, retrieve things, and other very impressive things to help disabled people.

The third reason that dogs are better than cats is that they are a LOT more loyal and protective than cats are. Lets say, hypothetically, you are getting attacked, a cat could care less about it, but a dog will come and help you or bark at an enemy. Cats don’t care if you are getting robbed. Dog’s would warn you if someone is there, whether they are trained to do so, or maybe they are just interested in them, and then you notice they are there. I was watching YouTube Shorts one time, there was this short that said, “dog are like, ‘this guy feeds me, this guy waters me, this guy must be a king.’, cats are like, ‘this guy feeds me, this guy waters me, I must be a king.’ ’’ 

Overall, cats clearly do not care much about you, or anything you do. Dogs will love you with their whole heart and are very loyal to you. You can train dogs to do fun things, and it takes up time. Dogs are better than cats in my opinion. Dogs rule, cats drool!

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