Eureka wrestling team gets 3rd place


Hank Wettstein

This weekend the Eureka Hornets Wrestling team went to the Bloomington JV Tournament and placed third as a team! Some people could not go because they were too good or too experienced to go to a JV tournament. Some of the Wrestlers who could not attend were Fisher Gladson, Cade Strawn, Henry Watson, Finn Hoffman, Hank Wettstein, and Jackson Klause. 

At the JV tournament, there were some unexpected matches. Some of the unexpected matches were Sam Snyder VS Landon Still for first and second place. Landon Still won. Another match was Parks Leman VS Josiah Rokey. Parks won. Something Parks and Josiah had to say was “We both knew what the other was going to do because we wrestle each other in practice”

The people that placed first were Zak lumen, Ashton Helberg, and Landon still. Landon still and Ashton Helberg pinned their way through the whole tournament.