Jack Blunier – Top 50 in the State


In central Illinois, a group of people go to junior high basketball games and rate the players that seem to be or are good. This person who put people on the top 50 list put Jack Blunier on the top 50 list. I asked Jack about his thoughts on how it feels to be considered the top 50 in central Illinois. He said, ” I just like to play basketball, I guess when you work really hard that’s what you get.” He told me about some of the drills he does to get better. He told me he just dribbles shoots and plays with teammates. In practice, he likes to do competitive drills like Vs his teammates. Overall Jack Blunier is a very good basketball player and I believe he could go far with it.

Here is the Website: https://www.iybe247.com/central-illinois-player-rankings-2027