How To Deal With Rejection

How To Deal With Rejection

Kennedy Stamm


If you have had a crush you might be familiar with rejection. If you have been recently rejected, enjoy this quote- “If they reject you they’re missing out” -Selah Knecht. Anyways, this article is how you deal with rejection if you’ve been friendzoned and how to move on. 

Step one: Accept your feelings 

It’s ok to have a crush, it’s completely normal. Now that you have been rejected (assuming you have), you need to accept that he/she has rejected you. That may be hard for some audiences and it may take time but people need to come back to reality and face facts. They have rejected you. It happens to everyone (hopefully, that wouldn’t be good for egos if not).

Step two: Distractions

To distract yourself from your crush you should hang out with friends, hangout with family, watch a movie, play sports, and just keep your mind off it. (Or find another crush ;0 ). One way to distract yourself is to make new friends. It will benefit another person and benefit you by having another person to be around to distract you. Steer clear of people who want to talk about your crush. Those old feelings will come back like a fly to some watermelon. 

Step three: Be friends. 

When you’re ready, you guys can be friends again. But this step may take time depending on how much you liked your crush. If you need to take a break before becoming friends again, that’s fine. This step is the last and final. If you have completed this step with no feelings, CONGRATULATIONS!